Erica’s work has been showcased throughout the NewsWorthy Homes network where her paintings are hung in the most expensive estates across the nation, and as of October 5th, 2021 her art now has a home base at 1021 Parkside Commons. When Erica is in her concept phase, her most important question she asks herself is: "is this a statement piece?" - "will it stop someone in their tracks because it is different?" In an effort to achieve her goal, Erica specializes in high-relief work to create depth, dimension, and intrigue. She gravitates toward sculptural work on canvas for a 3-D statement effect using porcelain clay and modeling paste. She often uses different sheens in the same monochromatic metallic palette to play with light and shadows. Her work is known for her heavy texture and her focus on lines.

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The Contemporary Statement Pieces in the Gallery represent a body of sculptural, high-relief work that is different from Erica's Art for Interior Design/

Art for Animal work as showcased on this website.

We are working hard to update our website

to include her Newsworthy Homes representation of work, but in the meantime, please visit our Gallery at 1021 Parkside Commons, Greensboro GA 30642.

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